Why The Hawthorne School?

At the Hawthorne School, we believe in educating the whole child in social skills, emotional intelligence, academics, critical thinking, and their faith. Students attending The Hawthorne School will build lifelong skills and grow into well-rounded, highly educated, and deeply rooted young men and women in faith who will be able to compete in a rapidly changing global world market.

As a boarding school community, we will nurture our student’s academic strengths as they grow from adolescents into college-bound young adults.

The comfort, well-being, and security of our students is our highest priority. We honor and value the parents that will entrust The Hawthorne School with their most precious gifts, the lives of their children. We will also offer after-school programs and activities that will mold our youth into a deeper walk in faith as well as equipping them with skills to thrive in the world. Field trips, character building events, family nights, group activities, prayers, and reflection times, will be some of the activities our students will participate in to encourage growth.

The Hawthorne School will incorporate the International Baccalaureate Curriculum which is a challenging educational program aimed to create a better, more peaceful world through cultural understanding, equity, and respect. International Baccalaureate Organization, What is an IB education, www.ibo.org, 2013 updated 2017.

Furthermore, we will instruct with the traits of critical thinking in mind in every lesson to develop scholars who will problem solve, ask questions, seek answers, reflect, collaborate, team build and communicate effectively. Our scholars will learn to be active listeners, show genuine compassion and empathy towards others, walk in humility, and think creatively and analytically at high cognitive levels.

Strong partnerships with higher education schools and universities will be built to ensure our students have success beyond The Hawthorne School as measured by scholarships and acceptances to top tiered universities.

Make history with us and be part of the first class at The Hawthorne School!